EU Day 2020

Boosting Agriculture and Food Security (BAFS)

Human Capital Development is one way we are ensuring the sustainability of development partnership. Ambrose James, Director, NAO tells us how each of the programme areas – infrastructure, agriculture, governance and education – plays its part in human capital development in Sierra Leone?

The European Union (EU) Boosting Agriculture and Food Security (BAFS) programme will provide €35 Million to strengthen the agricultural sector in Sierra Leone.

There are three strands to this programme:

  • Increase the policy making capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) to promote sustainable agriculture and food security. Under this objective the institutional capacity of MAF and the Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute will be reinforced and agricultural education and research will be strengthened with support to universities and colleges.
  • Enhance the productivity and profitability of cashew, cocoa and coffee (CCC) farming by: establishing agro-forestry systems for CCC, rehabilitating CCC plantations and replacing old, low yield varieties of plants improving the efficiency and effectiveness of related value chains for export.
  • Foster sustainable agricultural diversification and ensure that small holders have fair market linkages by: encouraging crop diversification and promoting livestock farming. This will include a national vaccination campaign, promoting sustainable agricultural and internal trade and supporting agribusinesses along added value chains.

Building the human capital of smallholder farmers in Sierra Leone can raise productivity, increase livelihoods and improve food security.