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The European Union (EU) under 11th EDF has entered into financing agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone to support the Governance Sector (Civil Service Reform, Parliament, Electoral Reform, and Civil Registration). The Civil Service Reform is one of the components of the EU support, which addresses outmoded or overlapping and complex mandates of Civil/Public Service Institutions (HRMO and PSC) with a view to reducing complexity and increasing efficiency. Its aim is to support civil service reforms, governance, and coordination amongst relevant institutions, assuring gender mainstreaming and improving national capacities to train civil servants. The Civil Service Reform Component is being supported through a Multi Annual Programme Estimate (MAPE) with the total budget of Euro 2.5 Million   

In order to effectively and efficiently implement the MAPE for the Civil Service Reform component, a Programme Coordination Unit (PCU) is being established in HRMO, under the leadership of the Imprest Administrator (IA) and Imprest Accounting Officer (IAO). The PCU will be responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring, and reporting all MAPE activities, including management of MAPE accounts and finances.  

Following staff is required to be hired for the PCU;

  1. Programme Coordinator


  • Purpose of this position is to coordinate all MAPE related activities in the PCU, in accordance with EU procedures, rules and regulations, as laid down in MAPE and PRAG.  In doing so, the Programme Coordinator is assisted by one each Programme Assistant, Accounts Assistant, Driver, and Courier, who work under his/her overall supervision.
  • The jobholder reports to the Imprest Administrator and Imprest Accounting Officer (Imprest Team) and is responsible for planning, preparation and verification of all MAPE documents. S/he supports the imprest team in planning, organizing, implementing, accounting, monitoring, and reporting all MAPE activities;
  • Assists the imprest team in managing and coordinating all aspects of project cycle management, as per EDF procedures as laid down in MAPE and PRAG.


  • Assists the Imprest team with overall supervision of PCU in terms of HR, finance and administration, logistics and internal relationships (links between TAT, NAO and the EU)/ external representation (implementing partners, others actors….)
  • Assists IA and IAO to implement activities of MAPE with strict respect for EU procedures, rules and regulation, as laid down in the MAPE and the PRAG;
  • Assists IA and IAO in commitment of expenditure provided for the Imprest component of the MAPE budget by;
  • Coordinating the corresponding works, supplies and services;
  • Verifying each invoice, payment request, and interim or finalised reports that the works provided for were rendered and/or the actions effected are in accordance with the relevant contracts;
  • Obtaining approval of the IA and sending these documents and any supporting documents to the Imprest Accounting Officer (IAO) for payment to the concerned PCU staff;
  • Preparing and submitting the technical and financial implementation reports to the imprest team and the project steering committee, and after verification through the NAO of Sierra Leone to EUD, for approval;
  • Take minutes of meeting of the PCU, PSC, etc and also maintain proper records of activities.

Qualification and Personal Abilities

  • Post-Graduate University degree in Public Administration, Public Management, or in a similar relevant subject. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject with five years’ additional relevant experience may also be considered in the absence of a post-graduate degree.    
  • Ability to operate within multi-sectoral, multi-cultural teams and flexibility in working style;
  • Excellent communication and knowledge transfer skills for capacity building activities;
  • Ability to work collaboratively with technical assistants;
  • Excellent command of both spoken and written English
  • Excellent report writing skills.
  • Must be fully computer literate and able to use relevant office software
  • Good leadership and coordination skills;
  • Planning, Analytical and Organizing skills.

General Profession Experience

  • At least five years of experience in Project Cycle Management, implementing development cooperation programmes of international organizations;
  • Experience of team management comprising of both International and National experts.

Specific Professional Experience

  • Demonstrated experience in project cycle management of international donor-funded projects, with the ability to assist in managing and overseeing all aspects of the project cycle;
  • Demonstrated experience of working with the EU development cooperation and knowledge of EDF procedures and Multiannual Programme Estimates.                 

2. Programme Assistant


  • Purpose of this position is to assist the Programme Coordinator in all MAPE related activities, in accordance with EU procedures, rules and regulations.  In doing so, the Programme Assistant is assisted by one Driver, and one Courier, who directly report to him/her.
  • The Programme Assistant reports to the Programme Coordinator.


Participates in the organization of the general services of the Project, which include but not limited to;

  • assist the Programme Coordinator in planning, organizing, leading, monitoring, and evaluating overall tasks of the programme coordination unit (PCU) for effective and efficient performance and delivery of services;
  • Work closely with the Programme Coordinator to ensure the general management of the files and other documents and provide support to correspondence of the Programme Coordinator for MAPE activities.
  • participate in small scale purchases/procurement for the project and any other general services associated with the project that the IA and IAO deem necessary;
  • assist Programme Coordinator in updating, implementing and monitoring of PCU’s work plan, in line with the MAPE objectives;
  • assist Programme Coordinator in preparation of MAPE’s project documents;
  • initiate note, maintain files, records and compose letters, etc.,
  • ensure that general information is effectively disseminated;
  • update all mandatory records relevant to the project driver;
  • assist in coding and allocation of working equipment and materials;
  • ensure the management of fuel consumption for the project vehicles;
  • provide general assistance to the EU and other donor teams during their visits/missions;
  • ensure that all office equipment (copiers, printers etc.) are serviced regularly;
  • Participate in the physical stocktaking of assets and stocks.
  • To perform any other function commensurate with the job requirement of the post and as may be assigned by the programme coordinator/Imprest team.


  • Must be a graduate from a recognized Institution with three years working experience;
  • Must be Computer skilled;
  • Must have good oral and written communication skills;
  • Must have good planning, analytical, and organizing skills;


3. Account Assistant


  • The jobholder is responsible for assisting the Imprest accounting team with preparation, planning and verification of accounts and financial documents for the Project.


  • Perform daily accounting and financial activities of the MAPE to ensure efficient functioning of the project;
  • Assist in preparing monthly accounting and financial statement and review of monthly Bank reconciliation reports and ensure that the cash book submitted is in agreement with the bank statement; 
  • Support the Imprest Accounting team in preparation and monitoring of annual budget;
  • Assist in preparation of payment vouchers and cheques and complete supporting documents for disbursement of funds;
  • Liaise with the Imprest accounting officer on the status of payment vouchers.


  • A minimum of a Diploma in Accounting or related discipline from an accredited institution;
  • Must be Computer skilled and thorough in finance and accounts software;
  • Must have good oral and written communication skills;
  • Must have good planning, analytical & organizing skills.


4. Driver                                   


  • Purpose of this position is to drive the PCU vehicle for implementation of MAPE related activities.
  • The Driver in the PCU reports to the Imprest Administrator (IA) through the Programme Coordinator.


  • Ensure the possession of the relevant and valid documents (insurance, registration certificate, Driving Licences, etc), when driving;
  • Provide transportation of persons and goods as instructed by the Programme Coordinator or the Imprest Administrator;
  • Always strictly adhere to traffic and driving rules and regulations based on international and national standards;
  • To strictly adhere to safe and careful driving that will ensure the durability of the vehicle, thereby avoiding tear and damage;
  • Maintain a logbook at all times of journeys indicating in particular various consumptions (fuel, lubricants, etc.);
  • Ensure the safety of vehicles, persons and goods transported;
  • Carry out routine checks on the engine such as level of fuel, water, engine oil on daily basis;
  • Drive vehicle to and from assigned area;
  • Wash and clean vehicles daily;  
  • Remember the due date for the maintenance of vehicles;
  • Inform the Programme Coordinator of any faults requiring a visit to the garage and/or repairs;
  • Monitor of the routine repairs of project vehicles;
  • Carrying out any other duties that may be assigned by the Programme Coordinator and Imprest Administrator.


  • A minimum of Basic Education Certificate with four years driving experience;
  • Must be able to read and write the English Language.
  • Must not be more than 45 years of age and must possess a valid driver’s licence.


5. Courier


  • Purpose of this position is to provide routine office support to the PCU team in implementation of MAPE related activities.
  • The courier reports to the Imprest Administrator (IA) through the Programme Coordinator.


  • Courier provides office support to the Programme Coordinator including but not limited to dispatch of mails, systematic documentations, filing of all documents and any other general services associated with the project that the IA deem necessary;
  • Ensures that general information/communication is effectively disseminated/distributed;
  • Maintains the PCU Office and upkeeps all mandatory records relevant to the project;
  • Assist in photocopying and printing of official documents;
  • Provides general assistance to EU and other teams during their visits/missions;
  • Carries out any other duties that may be assigned by the Programme Coordinator, IA and the IAO.

Supplies and Equipment

  • Ensures that all equipment in the office of the PCU are properly cleaned up on a daily basis;
  • Assists the Programme Coordinator in the physical stocktaking of assets and stocks.


At least WASSCE certificate plus minimum of one year experience in a similar position and must not be more than 35 years old.

Please note:

The last date of submission of applications is FRIDAY 20TH DECEMBER 2019 (20/12/2019).

Address of submission of applications; (DG/ HRMO, MINISTERIAL BUILDING, GEORGE STREET, FREETOWN)

Interested applicants should submit their CV including copies of all relevant certificates and 2 referees, and brief cover letter, specifying the position for which they are applying for and highlighting required and desirable competencies

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