Regional Road Map Validation Seminars. 17th -21st February 2020

National Elections Commission prepares to conduct future elections with an improved electoral legal framework

The National Elections Commission on 17-21 February 2020 with technical support from the EU under the Support to the Governance Sector in Sierra Leone will be conducting a series of regional validation seminars with the purpose to engage key electoral stakeholders discuss and adopt a roadmap which will guide the electoral reform process consolidated from the recommendations issued by the 2018 elections observer missions.

The validation process will help to confirm the reform agenda and identify strategy with key timelines for the conduct of public consultations and submission of final recommendations to the relevant state authorities. Holding regional public consultations with political parties, CSOs and media outlets will ensure public involvement in the law reform process and raising awareness about the legal reform agenda.

The validation process will inform the efforts of NEC and all relevant stakeholders in ensuring that the election observation mission recommendations are implemented with a view to strengthening the legal framework in Sierra Leone so the next elections are held with the improved electoral environment in accordance with international good practices and standards for free, fair and credible elections.

Support to the NEC is an integral part of the financial agreement signed between the European Union and the Republic of Sierra Leone in October 2017 to ensure the continuation of the partner support to the NEC in the post-election period. Funded by the 11th European Development Fund, Hulla and Co. Human Dynamics KG was contracted by the European Union to implement the EU Support to the Governance Sector Technical Assistance to Sierra Leone in the areas of Civil Service Reform, Parliament and the Electoral Cycle programme with the overall objective to strengthen democracy in Sierra Leone. The purpose of the programme is to assist the beneficiary country to deliver specific results in support to the electoral cycle, parliament, and civil service sector.

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