The European Union and the Ministry of Basic and Secondary School Education’s Radio Series

The Coronavirus pandemic has necessitated the dissemination of messaging aimed at combating its spread. To this end, the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), with support from the European Union, presents the COVID -19 Media Campaign Drama Series. This special programme is broadcast on the MBSSE Education Radio facility, 95.3 to increase awareness among students and young people about the coronavirus disease. The programme is sponsored by the European Union as part of a larger collaboration between the Government of Sierra Leone and the EU, through the “Support to the Education Sector in Sierra Leone programme.” The series titled: ‘Protect your Life, Protect your Future’ centers on the lives of a group of young people and their families as they struggle to live within the reality of coronavirus in their communities. Through interactions between these characters, the series educates listeners on the signs and symptoms, protective measures, and what actions to take in the event of infection and suspected infection. It also aims to counter misinformation surrounding the outbreak and outline the roles of parents and students in protecting themselves and their communities. Every week, an episode of ‘Protect your Life, Protect your Future’ is broadcast on the Education Radio facility, 95.3, each with a new central focus. Tune in every Monday at 3 pm and on Friday at 3pm for a repeat broadcast.

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