2nd edition of the National Authorising Office’s Newsletter


Welcome to the National Authorising Office’s (NAO) 2nd annual newsletter. We are delighted to report that the European Union’s (EU) partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone has recently given rise to several important new development initiatives.

Four new agricultural projects, spanning 11 districts are now underway (see page 6). Following on from the call for proposals, an additional portfolio of 11 projects, bringing a variety of agricultural technologies and innovations to the agribusiness sector, will shortly be receiving grants from the EU and commencing their activities.

The EU continues to collaborate with the Government of Sierra Leone on civil service reform through the Human Resource Management Office and the Public Service Commission. A recent grant of €2.5 million will support their institutional capacity to deliver better public services.

One hundred schools in the Bombali, Port Loko, Bo and Kenema districts, have been targeted for renovation and upgrading, in support of the Government’s Free Quality Education programme. With the aim of creating resilience in the sector, there is a parallel focus on good governance and accountability and improving the professional standards of the teaching profession.

Two major EU funded infrastructure projects are on track to meet their completion dates and will deliver a considerable socio-economic boost by making access to schools and hospitals easier, and facilitating economic activity. On page 4, you can read what local residents have to say about the impact that the Moa Bridge (part of the Bandajuma to Liberia Border Road and Bridges project) is already having on their lives. The Moyamba to Moyamba Road and Bridges Project will improve the road link between Moyamba town and the recently rehabilitated Masiaka-Bo Highway. Around 40% of the work has been completed.

Looking forward to the year ahead, we are in the concluding stages of the financing agreement for €60 million of EU-funding for the Jobs and Growth programme which will prioritise increased investment, training and job creation in the agricultural sector; and negotiations have concluded for budget support for the Ministry of Finance. The NAO is responsible for supporting the Government’s development cooperation with the European Commission. You can find out more about our work and EU funded projects in Sierra Leone by visiting our website www.nao.gov.sl.

Thank you for your continued interest.


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