EU Day 2021

Welcome to the NAO’s online EU Day

Theme: Partnership for Human Capital Development

At the NAO, we traditionally recognise EU Day by opening our doors to the public to showcase the progress that the EU and Government of Sierra Leone are making. This year, we knew that our usual EU Day celebrations would not be possible, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but by taking our traditional open day online, we can continue to keep the public informed about the results of the EU’s development cooperation with Sierra Leone, and play our part in keeping our staff and other stakeholders safe.

For EU Day 2020, the National Authorising Office of Sierra Leone has chosen to focus on how Sierra Leone’s development partnership with the European Union is supporting human capital development in our country. Human capital covers education and training, medical-care, health and well-being, and the accumulation of work and habits that contribute to the knowledge and health of the population.

In Sierra Leone, the EU has four focus areas. These are Governance, Agriculture, Education and Infrastructure. Please listen to the interviews, and explore the stories, videos, photo galleries and links below to see how each of those four programme areas is essential to boosting human capital in Sierra Leone.

“Human Capital Development is at the centre of our new Medium-term National Development Plan. It is the most fundamental pathway to achieving middle-income status and sustainable development for the country in the not too distant future.”

His Excellency Julius Maada Bio President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone’s Medium-term National Development Plan 2019–2023

What is the definition of human capital?

According to the OECD, human capital is defined as: “the knowledge, skills, competencies and other attributes embodied in individuals or groups of individuals acquired during their life and used to produce goods, services or ideas in market circumstances”.

What does our Medium-term National Development Plan say about Human Capital Development?

Human Capital Development is Policy Cluster 1, in Sierra Leone’s Medium-term National Development Plan 2019-2023. To find out more about our Medium-term National Development Plan 2019-2023, please click on the image to the right.

Interview with Dr Francis Kai-Kai, the Minister of Planning and Economic Development

Dr Francis Kai-Kai, Minister of Planning and Economic Development explains the importance of human capital development to Sierra Leone’s Medium-Term National Development Plan and how the EU’s development cooperation with the Government Sierra Leone is aligned in this area.

Interview with Tom Vens, EU Ambassador to Sierra Leone

Tom Vens, EU Ambassador to Sierra Leone explains the background to EU Day and why is it important to Sierra Leone and its people. He also talks about how the EU/GoSL development partnership benefits human capital development in Sierra Leone, as well as how the EU is working with the Government of Sierra Leone to fight the Coronavirus.

Listen to Ambrose James, Director of the National Authorising Office explain what EU Day means to Sierra Leone.

Ambrose James, the NAO’s Director, explains why EU Day is important to Sierra Leone, what the NAO usually does to celebrate and why this year is different.